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Factory work

The new plant of Shanghai Platinum Pen Co., Ltd. started building in October 2009, and was completed nearly 9 months later than the original plan in Septe
mber 2010 due to city plan change. At present, it has completed and waits for quality inspection of government departments. Platinum is scheduled to move to the new plant in July 2011.
The new plant covers an area of about 14,000 square meters, including a total building area of about 13,000 square meters. The No. 1 Factory is a four-layer building with 96m width and 24m depth, and is planned into pen and ball pen workshop, warehouse, core, pen point, nib, fiber pen, automatic assembly, and quality control product exhibition areas and offices. The No. 2 Factory, 48m wide, and 45m deep, is expected to build injection molding, mold and printing workshops.
The new plant with double area of the old plant is expected to create double output and achievements with clean and orderly new factory. It provides pens with the same quality as Japan pens to customers, achieving its tenet of “Enjoy Writing”.
Factory work